Allow users to build services without async.


Most services share a similar builder API to construct backends.

impl Builder {
    pub async fn finish(&mut self) -> Result<Arc<dyn Accessor>> {}

We have async here so that every user who wants to build services backend must go through an async runtime. Even for memory backend:

impl Builder {
    /// Consume builder to build a memory backend.
    pub async fn finish(&mut self) -> Result<Arc<dyn Accessor>> {

Only s3 services need to call async functions detect_region to get the correct region.

So, we can provide blocking Builder APIs and move async-related logic out for users to call out. This way, our users can build services without playing with async runtime.

Guide-level explanation

After this change, all our services builder will add a new API:

impl Builder {
    pub fn build(&mut self) -> Result<Backend> {}

Along with this change, our Operator will accept impl Accessor + 'static instead of Arc<dyn Accessor> anymore:

impl Operator {
    pub fn new(accessor: impl Accessor + 'static) -> Self {}

Also, we will implement From<impl Accessor + 'static> for Operator:

impl<A> From<A> for Operator
    A: Accessor + 'static,
    fn from(acc: A) -> Self {

We can initiate an operator quicker:

- let op: Operator = Operator::new(fs::Backend::build().finish().await?);
+ let op: Operator = fs::Builder::new().build()?.into();

Reference-level explanation

We will add the following APIs:

  • All builders will add build(&mut self) -> Result<Backend>
  • impl<A> From<A> for Operator where A: Accessor + 'static

We will deprecate the following APIs:

  • All builders finish() API (should be replaced by build())
  • All services build() API (should be replaced by Builder::new() or Builder::default())

We will change the following APIs:

  • Operator: new(accessor: Arc<dyn Accessor>) -> fn new(accessor: impl dyn Accessor + 'static)
  • Operator: async fn from_iter() -> fn from_iter()
  • Operator: async fn from_env() -> fn from_env()

Most services will work the same, except for s3: s3 depends on detect_region to check the correct region if the user doesn't input. After this change, will return error if region is missing. Users should call detect_region by themselves to get the region.



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