Add Gateway for OpenDAL.


Our users want features like S3 Proxy and minio Gateway so that they can access all their data in the same way.

By providing a native gateway, we can empower users to access different storage in the same API.

Guide-level explanation

OpenDAL will provide a new binary called: oay. It's a shortcut of OpenDAL Gateway.

Uses can install this binary via:

cargo install oay

Or using they favourite package management:

# Archlinux
pacman -S oay
# Debian / Ubuntu
apt install oay
# Rocky Linux / Fedora
dnf install oay
# macOS
brew install oay

With oay, users can:

  • Serve fs backend with S3 compatible API.
  • Serve s3 backend with Azblob API
  • Serve as a s3 signing services

Reference-level explanation

oay will be a separate crate apart from opendal so we will not pollute the dependencies of opendal. But oay will be releases at the same time with the same version of opendal. That means oay will always use the same (latest) version of opendal.

Most operations of oay should be trivial, we will propose new RFCs if requiring big changes.

oay won't keep configuration. All config will go through environment.



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