Allow getting id from an object.


Allow get id from an object will make it possible to operate across different operators. Users can store objects' IDs locally and refer to them with different settings. This proposal will make tasks like backup, restore, and migration possible.

Guide-level explanation

Users can fetch an object id via:

let o = op.object("test_object");
let id =;

The id is unique and permanent inside the underlying storage.

For example, if we have an s3 bucket with the root /workdir/, the object's id test_object will be /workdir/test_object.

Reference-level explanation

id() and path() will be added as functions of object:

impl Object {
    pub fn id(&self) -> String {}
    pub fn path(&self) -> String {}
  • path is a re-export of call to Metadata::path().
  • id will be generated by Operator's root and Metadata::path().



Rationale and alternatives

Why not add a new field in Metadata?

Adding a new field inside Metadata requires every service to handle the id separately. And every metadata will need to store a complete id with the operators' root.

Why not provide a full URI like s3://path/to/object?

Because we can't.

A full and functional URI towards an object will need the operator's endpoint and credentials. It's better to provide the mechanism and allow users to construct them based on their own business.

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Future possibilities