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Services will provide builders to build underlying backends.

More ongoing services support is tracked at opendal#5. Please feel free to submit issues if there are services not covered.


Azure Storage Blob services support.
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Support.
POSIX file system support.
FTP and FTPS services support.
Google Cloud Storage service.
Github Action Cache Services support.
HTTP Read-only service support like Nginx and Caddy.
IPFS file system support based on IPFS HTTP Gateway.
IPFS file system support based on IPFS MFS API.
Memcached service support.
In memory service support. (HashMap Based)
moka backend support.
Huawei Cloud OBS services support.
Aliyun Object Storage Sevice (OSS) support
Redis services support.
Rocksdb service support.
Aws S3 and compatible services (including minio, digitalocean space and so on) support
WebDAV backend support.