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Providing IO utils like into_sink, into_stream.


BottomUpWalker will walk dir in bottom up way:

DecompressDecoder provides blocking decompress support for opendal: decode happen inside a blocking thread (user need to handle the decompress logic)

DecompressReader provides async decompress support for opendal: decode happen inside poll_read (will block the runtime)

Observer that created via observe_read.

SeekableReader implement AsyncRead and AsyncSeek.

TopDownWalker will walk dir in top down way:

Observer that created via observe_write.


CompressAlgorithm represents all compress algorithm that OpenDAL supports.

DecompressDecoder contains all decoders that opendal supports.

DecompressState is that decode state during decompress.

Event that sent by ReadObserver, should be handled via FnMut(ReadEvent).

Event that sent by WriteObserver, should be handled via FnMut(WriteEvent).


Create an observer over BytesReader.

Create an observer over crate::BytesWrite.

Add seek support for object via internal lazy operation.