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Open Data Access Layer: Access data freely, painlessly, and efficiently

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Access data freely

  • Access different storage services in the same way
  • Behavior tests for all services

Access data painlessly

  • 100% documents covered
  • Powerful Layers
  • Automatic retry support
  • Full observability support: logging, tracing, metrics.
  • Native decompress support
  • Native service-side encryption support

Access data efficiently

  • Zero cost: mapping to underlying API calls directly
  • Auto metadata reuse: avoid extra metadata calls


use anyhow::Result;
use futures::StreamExt;
use futures::TryStreamExt;
use opendal::ObjectStreamer;
use opendal::Object;
use opendal::ObjectMetadata;
use opendal::ObjectMode;
use opendal::Operator;
use opendal::Scheme;

async fn main() -> Result<()> {
    // Init Operator
    let op = Operator::from_env(Scheme::Fs)?;

    // Create object handler.
    let o = op.object("test_file");

    // Write data info object;
    o.write("Hello, World!").await?;

    // Read data from object;
    let bs =;

    // Read range from object;
    let bs = o.range_read(1..=11).await?;

    // Get object's path
    let name =;
    let path = o.path();

    // Fetch more meta about object.
    let meta = o.metadata().await?;
    let mode = meta.mode();
    let length = meta.content_length();
    let content_md5 = meta.content_md5();
    let etag = meta.etag();

    // Delete object.

    // List dir object.
    let o = op.object("test_dir/");
    let mut os = o.list().await?;
    while let Some(entry) = os.try_next().await? {
        let path = entry.path();
        let mode = entry.mode().await?;


More examples could be found at Documentation.


  • Databend: A modern Elasticity and Performance cloud data warehouse.
  • GreptimeDB: An open-source, cloud-native, distributed time-series database.
  • deepeth/mars: The powerful analysis platform to explore and visualize data from blockchain.


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